Monday, November 28, 2011

Give Thanks-ing

At our home, Thanksgiving day was wonderful.  This year we were with my family at my grandparents' farmhouse. We had the massive turkey and just about anything else you can imagine to stuff into your face!  Talk about a classic :)  
On our way home, we headed to my in-laws home for a quick visit before heading the kids home to bed.  All was well until we went to leave...and heard little man scream.  I was in the same room with him, but with my back turned.  All I can say for sure is I felt sick when I turned and saw him fallen in front of the gas heater screaming in pain.  
Out came the ice cubes!  As we looked him over, we are so blessed that only his little hands were burned.  He was so tired and in pain that we couldn't get him calmed.  Little Miss came running in hearing her brother screaming and was so very upset.  Hubby and I ended up leaving her with her grandparents playing with play-doh and taking a miserable baby home alone.  
Once home, he was able to nurse a tiny bit and fall asleep.  Waiting for a call back from his pediatrician's office, we put him in his bed.  Of course, as predicted, we were sent to the ER for evaluation.  

Second degree burns covering both palms and fingers.  After a call to Hopkin's Pediatric Burn Center, they bandaged him up and sent us home with a goody bag of medical supplies to keep him mittened.

Now, he's healing.  He's teething with 4 molars at once and has chewed open 2 finger blisters.  His left palm burst this morning.  We've upped the ante with bandages and even put socks over them to help prevent chewing as much as possible!  We head for our follow up visit tomorrow morning.  I'm expecting them to debrid :(  I know it's healthy, but we're talking about my baby here.  PRAY that God would continue to bless Little Mitten Man with a gentle countenance and pliable spirit.  (and that Mommy and Daddy will get some small measure of rest one night soon since LMM sleeps in our room)  

"...give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."                                                                                                          

1 Thes. 5:18

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hannah singer said...

bless his sweet mittened heart!
praying for healing and rest. love y'all!