Monday, November 07, 2011

Wahoo for babies!

So the sweet newborn guy I'm watching was born this morning at 1:51am!  The Dr's were figuring the due date to be more like Dec. 6th, so I was shocked to get the call.  SO EXCITED!  I've been missing having a baby around, and although we would welcome more babies, it's surely up to our God and not us, and now really isn't the best timing anyway.

Dumpling boy and sitting next to me here going through a bag of sippy cups trying them out, of course.  What a sweet little peanut he is.  His poor sister, Pumpkin, is so full of drama.  Typical girl, right?

I am lucky enough to stay home with my babies, taking care of our house for as long as we have it.  I live on coffee, could use a bit of sleep...and energy..., and obviously have a fairly random thought process if this post is any clue to the directions my brain takes.

I'm trying to get healthier and branch out my tastes; hubby is not.  I'm a plan ahead-er and list maker (for what it's worth anyway) and never have enough hours in a day to do what I desire.  I dream of having a craft room again like I had in my parents basement where I can paint, and sort through my thoughts and emotions.

I cloth diaper here at home.  I wish I were ambitious enough to make it work full-time, but I am a lazy mom.  I have enough to do already that doesn't get done, so why add to it?  I've recently become hooked on prefolds and covers...totally old-school, right?!  Econobum is fairly rocking my world there.  If you like something other than prefolds, I'd totally recommend Babykicks 3g's.  I had heard of them, and I knew, sorta, that they were based right in my hometown of Salisbury, MD, but until I received one in a swap I had never tried one.  I'm all about cheap and I just can't see putting $20 into a diaper...even though I know it's worth it and saves in the long run from buying 'sposies.  If I could have a couple diapers from each brand to try out, I'd be in love.  I am just obsessed with trying and reviewing cloth dipes and figuring out what works for us.  As a side note, the best cloth wipes I've found are baby washcloths and water.  Why bother with a wipes solution when God gave us water?!  Their heineys are clean and happy and we don't fight rashes, so why fix what ain't broke?

I suppose I've rambled enough, but I just needed to get back on here and jump in!

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hannah singer said...

i dream of a craft room, too. from the looks of things, i'll get my wish in 2032.

glad you're blogging!